Health Information

Links to health information from this page have been moved to Paediatrics.Online, a free, non-commercial online resource founded by Dr Elliot that contains links to high quality information about Autism, ADHD, behaviour, specific learning difficulties and many other topics.

Some of the more commonly accessed pages can be found below:


Autism Spectrum Disorder


Centrelink and NDIS

School and Learning



More about Paediatrics.Online

Paediatrics.Online is designed to complement a clinic appointment with your paediatrician by providing a single site where you can access some of the best child health information available online.

Each topic links to a small range of carefully selected, high-quality information from different sources.  Our aim is to reduce the work involved in finding resources online without showing you an overwhelming list of options.  Some topics have resources for specific geographic regions and these are clearly marked.

We are especially interested in assisting paediatricians who would like to have a topic collection or resource on this site for their patients.

If there is a particular topic or resource you’d like to see on Paediatrics.Online please feel free to contact us.  We will of course review all suggestions carefully and reserve the right to include all, some or none of the suggestions at our discretion.