***It’s now 2020 people. I’m not sure you should be using this site. ***

But… I will leave it up for now just in case there’s something useful here. Good luck!

Welcome to the RSPCN Study Group RACP Notes website. This site contains links to notes and resources which our study group found useful for the 2009 Paediatric Written and Clinical Exams, plus one or two useful things we’ve picked up since.

A couple of important things:

1. There ARE errors in these! We put these together ourselves and we used them for the exam, but we can’t guarantee that they are completely accurate.

2. They are shared under a Creative Commons License. Basically you can use, change, share or do anything you want with them except sell them.

3. They are from 2009. Even if they were correct then, they might not be now.

4. The exam is tough. Good luck!

RSPCN is: Alan Ma Chris Elliot Emily Horsley Marion Mateos

If you have any questions or comments about the site, contact Chris Elliot by email

Resources for Adult and Paediatric Trainees

Paediatric Clinical Exam Notes

Paediatric Past Exam Papers

Question Breakdowns 1999-2007 (small zip file)

Not the answers! Just which questions in each exam are from each specialty.


Warning! These are very rough in places. They are particularly likely to have errors, cryptic notes, irrelevant observations and signs of frustrated keyboard banging. Also each file is large – between 30-100MB. Use them at your own risk.