Thanks for visiting! These slides are from my talk to Paediatric trainees on 14th December 2016

Here are the slides from the presentation. Below them are links to some of the resources I mention in the talk.




A new, free website that will help you direct patients to information on Autism, ADHD, Parenting Courses and School Resources.

Making a Map Template

My personal proforma to help you figure out what you know, what you don’t know, and what your hypotheses and goals are.

Functional Behaviour Analysis

A really useful form for helping everyone understand the Before During and After of behaviour, and to hear why other people think it’s happening.

SACS Autism Screening Tool

A tool to broadly help determine need for referral.

ADHD Symptom Checklist – SNAP IV

A 1-page form from CADDRA to help you establish and track symptom frequency across home, school and can even be completed by the young person (age-dependent).

The simplicity is its strength and its weakness.

ADHD Tool – Vanderbilt

A 2-page form from the NICHQ similar to the SNAP IV but with an extra page for questions and more information on scoring.

Ages and Stages 3 Developmental Screening Tool

A relatively quick parent-completed tool that can be used to screen development in children <5 years old.